Bicycle Accident

For a bicycling enthusiast, the exhilaration of a long ride on a beautiful day can be abruptly replaced with desperate fear, shocking pain, and even catastrophic injuries when a bicycle accident occurs. Various sources can cause biking accident injuries. Safety equipment can fail to perform as advertised. Mechanical failure of brakes, tires, or chains can cause severe bicycle crashes that lead to injury. However, statistically the great majority of injuries to cyclists are caused by bicycle collisions with motor vehicles.

A bicycle rider or bicycle passenger is more likely to sustain severe injuries or even death from a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle than from a bike wreck caused by any other source. Physically, in an unexpected contest between bicycle and motor vehicle, the bigger, heavier motor vehicle wins. The relatively unprotected bicyclist may suffer everything, from bumps and bruises to broken bones, torn ligaments, dislocated joints, spinal cord injuries, and permanent scarring. They can even experience brain damage, a temporary or permanent loss of the ability to work, and potentially harsh pain and other suffering.

Know Your Rights if You Are Injured in a Bicycling Accident

A bicycle accident attorney is a personal injury attorney who knows your rights under bike laws and who is experienced in bicycle accident cases, seeking just compensation for victims of bicycle crashes that were caused by the negligence of another person. If you or a passenger on your bicycle are injured in a bicycle accident caused by someone who failed to exercise reasonable care for your safety, a bicycle accident attorney can explain your legal rights and the legal impact of your situation. He may be able to help you obtain payment of money damages to compensate you for:

  • Your medical expenses incurred to treat your injuries.
  • Your lost wages, when your injuries force you to miss work.
  • Your pain and suffering endured because of someone’s carelessness.

A bad bicycle wreck can injure you severely, preventing you from working when you probably need money the most, incurring sometimes enormous medical expenses and other costs resulting from your injuries. If your family relies strongly on your income, the loss of your ability to work can be a financial catastrophe. A bicycling accident law attorney can’t stop your injuries from hurting, but your attorney can help comfort your family by ensuring that you receive the money you’re entitled to.

Careless Motor Vehicle Drivers

Many motor vehicle drivers don’t bother to educate themselves on the rules of the road that relate to bicyclists, or they engage in risky, dangerous driving tactics, carelessly disregarding the safety of bicyclists lawfully using the road. This includes “tailgating” bicycles, passing bikes at excessive speeds, or cutting off bicyclists at precariously close range. When careless driving or a motorist’s violation of a traffic or safety regulation causes a vehicle to hit your bicycle, the motorist can be held responsible for your injuries.


October 13, 2015