Gas Explosion

Gas explosions occur more often than many people realize, whether it’s from the use of propane, natural gas, gasoline, or other flammable and explosive gases. They can occur in the workplace, in businesses, in the home, or even in your car.  A gas explosion can occur where it is a known hazard, like a natural gas explosion during the construction of a gas-fired power plant, or it can happen somewhere far less expected, like an explosion caused by rusting equipment in the basement of an apartment house. In any case, the toll of human suffering and loss can be high.

A gas explosion attorney is a personal injury attorney who works with those who have suffered devastating injuries or loss of loved ones as the result of a gas explosion. They can help gas explosion victims obtain answers, accountability, and compensation necessary to attempt to rebuild their lives.


Gas explosions in the workplace or home can frequently be traced to some error, either human or mechanical, that could have been prevented through the exercise of reasonable care for the safety of others.  The causes of gas explosions may be gas leaks in valves, connectors, hoses, tanks, pipelines, or other equipment, misuse of equipment, or failure to observe safety precautions. These often-fatal situations generally stem from a few common types of error:

  • Defective Equipment manufactured without appropriate care or carelessly handled (like equipment damaged in shipping, or distribution to those who use it to build or operate mechanisms for the use or storage of flammable or explosive gases).
  • Damage to Equipment caused by someone’s carelessness (such as damage to a pipeline caused by digging for the installation of a telephone line, or damage to equipment for a new gas power plant caused by workers for the contractor building the plant).
  • Improper Use of Equipment, where someone disregarded appropriate protocols (for example, where a company skirts important safe use protocols to save time and money in operations).
  • Poor Maintenance of Equipment, where someone had a duty to maintain it more carefully (such as rusting gas lines ignored too long that end up leaking).
  • Failure to Warn, where there was a lack of warning to alert unsuspecting people of the presence or danger of explosive gas (like a failure to post warning signs to prevent people from smoking or using open flame where gas is present).


If you have been injured, or your family member or friend has been hurt or killed in a gas explosion, you want to know why it happened. You want to know who is responsible.  You want to know what you can do about it. You want answers.

Attorney Robert A. Brenner is a lawyer with experience in handling gas explosion cases who understands your need for real answers and knows how to get them for you. Brenner has the resources and the expertise necessary to find key information about cause and fault from those involved, to review all available evidence and reports from investigators, and to utilize skilled experts to pinpoint the cause of the gas explosion that caused your injuries or the death of your loved one.


If you have been injured, or someone you love has been injured or killed in a gas explosion, you want accountability from those who are responsible.  People who are caught in the path of gas explosions can suffer severe burns, catastrophic injuries resulting from explosive forces, and death. The aftermath of a gas explosion often leaves survivors to struggle with extended costly and painful medical treatment, lost earnings, lost quality of life, and lasting pain and suffering.

Attorney Robert A. Brenner is a gas explosion attorney who knows how to do what it takes to hold responsible parties accountable for the results they have produced.  Whether your case involves a products liability claim against a manufacturer or a negligence claim against an individual, Brenner can explain your rights and options, and he can provide the leadership, expertise, and resources necessary to pursue your claim.  Brenner’s goal is to help comfort and assist those who have survived a disastrous gas explosion with the incredibly difficult aftermath of such an event by doing what it takes to seek just compensation for their injuries.

It is important to contact an attorney with experience handling gas explosion claims as soon as possible after you or someone you know has been injured in a gas explosion. This can help you learn your legal rights and decide how you would like to act on them. Contact Attorney Robert A. Brenner for answers today.



October 13, 2015