Spinal Cord Injury

Each year, spinal cord damage accounts for thousands of injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that there are 11,000 spinal cord injuries every year in the U.S. Sometimes, disease causes spinal cord damage, but most cases result from some type of accident or injury. Los Angeles-based spinal cord injury attorney Robert A. Brenner discusses his experience representing spinal cord injury victims.

“A spinal cord injury can be really devastating to the victim and their family,” says Brenner, who has been practicing personal injury law for nearly 35 years. “Even though I interact with people that suffer from spinal cord injuries, I can hardly imagine what it is like to be incapable of walking or even feeding myself. I think people have a tendency to take for granted these commonplace tasks that are performed without even a second thought.”

Brenner’s practice has routinely focused on catastrophic injuries including spinal cord injuries. Brenner’s website www.CatastrophicInjury.com reports that the main causes of spinal cord injuries are car accidents. However, falls, violent attacks, and sports injuries are also common causes. Brenner’s site estimates that 52 percent of those with spinal cord injuries are paraplegic and 47 percent are quadriplegic. “Any type of severe trauma to the spine can cause it to fracture or can cause the dislocation of the vertebrae,” says Brenner. The bones in the spinal column comprise the vertebrae, which surrounds the spinal cord.

The spinal cord is an essential part of the nervous system. The brain, along with the spinal cord, work in conjunction to control the body’s movements. Although spinal cord injuries are either complete or incomplete, a complete injury is not typically caused by the severance of the spinal cord. Most complete spinal cord injuries lead to incapacitation or restrained movement below the injury. An incomplete spinal cord injury leaves the patient with some feeling and movement.

“Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries lead to tremendous medical care costs,” says Brenner. “It is very trying on the families.” Brenner’s website reports that only 52 percent of spinal cord injury patients have private health insurance coverage. “The stress of trying to pay for the medical care that their loved one needs to survive is quite overwhelming. It truly is distressing to witness this kind of situation,” says Brenner.

Brenner speaks about the available options for spinal cord injury victims. “Oftentimes, these types of severe injuries require long-term medical care,” he says. “Typically, this type of personal injury settlement results in a life care plan.” Life care plans provide for the cost of future medical care for the person’s lifetime. “The goal is that the life care plan will fully provide for the needs of the spinal cord victim so that their life is more comfortable.”

Robert A. Brenner earned a J.D. from Whittier College, Beverly School of Law. Brenner is an active member of the American Trial Lawyers Association, the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and he has been selected as a Super Lawyer for the last five years.

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October 13, 2015