"My son was terribly burned in a stove accident. It was a very difficult case because my son was disabled before the accident and had a lot of trouble communicating how the accident happened. Mr. Brenner was not only extremely sympathetic to his condition and despite all the obstacles there were, he won the case. Because of the settlement I have been able to provide my son with incredible medical and home care. It has not only made my son’s life better, it completely took the financial stress away from and allowed me to just focus on loving and caring for my son. To this day, my son still calls him Uncle Bob. I can’t properly express my gratitude for the difference Mr. Brenner made in our lives. "

Tasha B.

" I was rollerbladding one day at a friend’s house and I hit something on the pavement that caused me to fall. Mr. Brenner was able to get a settlement for me from the home owners insurance policy that paid for my medical care. Without that money my family would have been ruined paying for the medical bills because we didn’t have insurance. Not only that, I was able to afford to have the best physical therapy and medical care. Because of this care my motor skills have completely recovered. I’m honestly don’t think this would have happened without the settlement and NONE of it would have been possible without Mr. Brenner. "

Jessica T.

" I went to a party with my boyfriend. On our way home we got into a fight in the car which caused an accident. The accident injured my stomach. I was not only messed up physically, I was messed up emotionally. Bob Brenner was my lawyer and I can honestly say that I think he is the best there is. The story is a long one, but the settlement I got was the most I possibly could have got. I had to have several operations and I had to do a lot of therapy to recover from the accident. I could not have done this without the money I got from the case. Bob Brenner is my savior and without him the rest of my life would have been complete misery! "

Joanne J.

" I was rear-ended in a car accident which broke my spine and paralyzed me. Mr. Brenner was able to find some facts that helped to increase what I was entitled to from the insurance policy that the guy who hit me had. I’m now in a wheelchair and need care for the rest of my life. The money I got from the settlement needed to last me a long time and it needed to pay for a lot of expensive equipment and home plus medical care. Thank God I had Bob as my lawyer because without him I don’t think I would've got the same amount of money if I had hired a different lawyer. "

Joseph D.

" My throat was crushed when a piece of equipment in a gym malfunctioned. I hired Bob Brenner and even though people tried to point the finger that is was my fault, he was able to prove that the safety malfunctioned on the equipment I was using. Not only did I fully recover, but with the money I got from the court case I was able to open my own business. If you are thinking of hiring a lawyer, Bob Brenner is amazing. Not only does he truly care about his clients, but he fights with everything he’s got for them. The best part is, HE WINS! "

Dave B.

" My father was a passenger in an 18-wheeler, when it was involved in an accident. My father was severely burned and then died after 7 days in the hospital. The case took 5 years to resolve and throughout that time Mr. Brenner truly became a family friend who was there for us every step of the way. The case was resolved 2 years ago and to this day we stay in touch. I cannot thank Mr. Brenner enough for everything he did for our family throughout such a painful and difficult time. "

Pam L.

" I was involved in an electrocution accident when my wife was 8 months pregnant. Because of the $38 million settlement Bob won for me I was not only able to afford the finest medical care and because I that I fully recovered, but I never had to worry again about taking care of my family again. 22 years later we still get together for breakfast to talk . He not only saved my life, he changed my life for the better! "

Bob M.

" I was on my motorcycle going through an intersection and a car turned in front of me. They tried to say that I went through a red light but Bob recruited an amazing expert and they were able to reverse engineer the accident and show that I did not in fact go through a red light and that the driver was lying. As a result in not only got $7 milion dollar settlement, but I got the medical care I needed to help me recover from a brain injury. Medical care does make a difference in the final outcome of injuries. So does a good lawyer and Bob is certainly that! "

Josh P.

" In life there are the mowers of the lawns, the well poisoners and the life enhancers. Bob Brenner is the latter and I am deeply thankful for my good fortune in having him as my lawyer. We won my burn injury case because of Bob’s astute, incisive and fearless leadership. "His skills at a lawyer resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement. My recovery and now my life have been optimal because of this man and I will always be forever grateful. "

Robert D.

NOTE: The names related to each quote were changed to protect their identity.