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Personal Injury Law Firm Los AngelesBurn injuries are perhaps the most traumatic and painful injuries one can endure. Aside from the horrific incident, a victim also has to experience prolonged physical discomfort and the emotional effects of disfigurement and disability.

During such hard times, the financial pressure of paying hefty medical bills and expenses can cause additional stress and worry to both the burn victim and their family.

The treatment for burn injuries can also stretch for months and even years, during which the uncertainty can be too much to take for the burn victim and their loved ones.

The treatment for burn injuries can also stretch for months and even years, during which the uncertainty can be too much to take for the burn victim and their loved ones.

You donít have to cope with it all alone.

Contact the Law Offices of Robert A. Brenner (personal injury lawyer) for expert help and legal support for your personal injury claims, particularly burn injuries. With an experienced panel on board, our personal injury lawyers will make sure that you make a speedy recovery with minimal hassle and financial distress.

Our burn injury lawyers will:
  1. Thoroughly investigate and analyze your case regardless of the extent of burns sustained.
  2. File for the suitable compensation and claim for your injuries.
  3. Make sure that you receive the compensation amount for medical and legal expenses that you legally deserve.
  4. Keep you away from the stressful investigations and legal proceedings so you can make a quick recovery.

Get Legal Support for Burn Injuries

There can be a variety of reasons and sources of burn injuries, ranging from open flames, explosions, faulty electric components, household chemical spills, heat and radiation, friction burns, exposure to corrosive or hazardous liquids or gases, gasoline leaks and malfunctioning appliances.

Burn injuries are quite hazardous and can also prove to be life threatening in many cases. Even with the most sophisticated medical help and quality treatment, the chances of permanent disability or disfigurement are quite high.

A burn injury can often affect extensive areas of your body. Sometimes, the burn injury can penetrate superficial skin and go deeper to affect the tissues, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels and vital organs in the body like the lungs, kidneys and heart.

At the Law Offices of Robert A. Brenner, we understand the pain and emotional trauma that a burn victim is going through. Having dealt with numerous burn injury cases from across the country, our burn injury attorney will guide you in the right direction and assist you in making a decision that can best address your legal and financial situation.

Get in touch with our expert burn injury lawyer to learn how you can best get the compensation that you deserve for all the medical expenses involved in your treatment and recovery.

What Can We Do For You?

For the last 39 years, Robert A. Brenner has been regarded as a trusted burn injury attorney and a reputable and dependable legal representative for burn victims and their families. Since the establishment of our offices in 1975, we have successfully resolved dozens of burn injury cases and won millions of dollars out of court settlement and court verdicts for burn victims and their families.

Our Services

The Law Offices of Robert A. Brenner (Los Angeles personal injury lawyer) are easily accessible and you can call on us for 24/7 support. Nationally recognized for premium legal services for burn injuries, personal injuries, we provide the guidance and support that you need to get back on your feet again after these tough times. With years of experience and unmatched professional excellence, we combine our detailed research with modern technology to offer the best legal services. Our trial lawyers also work from coast to coast to utilize maximum resources and get the rightful financial compensation for our clients.

Contact Us

No matter what the cause or extent of your burn injuries, contact the Law Offices of Robert A. Brenner(Personal Injury Attorney) for your free consultation. We are looking forward to hearing form you.

Los Angeles California Injury Attorney & Accident Lawsuit
Personal Injury Cases Los angeles,California USA
Award: $38.2 million
Kolodziey vs. Kmart
2nd and 3rd degree burns to 65% and 40% of their body surfaces to two electricians in an electrical explosion.
Award: $21.4 million
Desrosiers vs. Flight International
Wrongful death of one crew member, fractured skull and brain damage to second crew member owing to failure to maintain navigation equipment on aircraft.
Award: $16.1 million
Thistlethwaite vs. Veolia Water NA
Intoxicated Driver - Negligent Entrustment, Negligent Hiring/Retention. Wrongful Death, Survival Action and Punitive Damages. Verdict of $16.1 MILLION DOLLARS. This is believed to be the largest verdict in St. Charles Parish, LA.
Award: $3,600,000
Case ID Confidential
Severe burn injuries during construction against the project's contractors for negligent installation of a jumper wire.
Award: $2,535,000
Case ID Confidential
Brain damage of a baby caused by medical malpractice and medical negligence against the delivering obstetrician and hospital.
Award: $1,650,000
Case ID Confidential
Serious permanent injury to neck/throat caused by negligent design, negligent fabrication and failure to properly maintain a machine.
Award: $1,000,000
Rivera vs. Lorenzo Trust
Smoke inhalation, negligent failure to properly install and maintain smoke detector in an apartment.
Award: $600,000
Hicks vs. Adjei
Motorcycle vs. auto (head-on collision), compound fracture left tibia.
Award: $500,000
Medin vs. City of Oxnard
Motorcycle vs. pickup truck, left turn violation of right of way, fractured femur,  tibia and fibula fractures.
Award: $450,000
Miller vs. Angelo Bros
Wrongful death, motorcycle vs. landowner who strung an invisible water ski rope across driveway. Motorcyclist struck rope.
Award: $342,500
Weiner vs. Farrand
Auto vs. auto, failure to yield, fractured knee cap, partial removal of knee cap and repair of ligaments.
Award: $315,000
Swaim vs. city of Los Angeles
Motorcycle vs. van, left turn violation of right of way, fractured arm, fractured leg, open reduction and internal fixation.

If you or your loved- ones have become a victim of moderate to severe burn injuries as a result of negligent behavior of concerned authorities, please contact us to determine If you can file a Personal Injury claim or Workerís Compensation us.

California Personal Injury Attorney & Accident Lawsuit
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