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Cause Of Injury


  In 2004 alone, 167,184 people died as a result of injury, with injury deaths accounting for 7% of all deaths. 1.9 million hospitalizations were the result of an injury, accounting for 6% of all hospital discharges, and 31 million initial visits for injuries were made to the emergency department, accounting for 32% of all initial emergency department visits.   Injuries that occurred in 2000 are estimated to have cost the U.S. healthcare system $1.1 billion for fatal injuries, $33.7 billion for injury hospitalizations, $31.8 billion for injury emergency department visits, and $13.6 billion for other outpatient visits (National Center for Health Statistics, 2008).     Injuries can result from a variety of different activities and sources. Whether you’re at home or on the job, you can be exposed to unknown dangers. Learn more about the different causes of injuries by clicking on the links below:  
Auto Accidents Construction Site Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents Boating Accidents
Truck Accidents Train Accidents
Dog Bites Pedestrian Accidents
Gas Explosions Bicycle Accidents
Electrocutions Slip and Fall Accidents
Aviation Accidents Workplace Accidents
Premises Liability Burns
    If you, a family member, or someone you know has sustained a serious injury and you want to determine whether you have a personal injury claim and/or a workers compensation claim, please contact us.