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Legal Actions for Burn Injury Cases

Experiencing a burn injury can be exceedingly painful and traumatic. If severe enough, this kind of injury can lead to ever-lasting consequences, impacting each aspect of your life. Whether it’s from a faulty project, fire accident, or some other cause, you may have a case for a burn injury lawsuit if your injury was because of another party’s negligence. Brenner Law can help you navigate through the legal procedures. We will evaluate your circumstances and recommend a suitable strategy that best fits your requirements.


Common Causes of Burn Injuries


The common causes of burn injuries are majorly categorized into four parts:



These are burns that happen from getting in contact with an external heat source. Anything that’s ‘hot’ would be referred to as a heat source, including steam, fire, scaling liquid, or other hot items.



Radiation burns usually happen because of being exposed to UV-rays, X-rays, or other radiation sources. Moreover, the most common radiation burns come from over-exposure to the sun’s UV-rays. While the effects of thermal burns can happen almost instantly after contact with a hot item, radiation burns can take up to days or even weeks to notice.



Contact with a corrosive substance, solvents, or acids can lead to a chemical burn. Misuse of regular household items such as cosmetic or cleaning solutions is a typical example of chemical burns. Another common cause is managing corrosive chemicals at the workplace, particularly in an industrial environment.



When electricity comes in direct contact with your skin, it can cause an electric burn. This can happen if someone touches exposed wiring from an appliance, kids biting on electrical cords, or not shutting down the power source when repairing. The damage can be a superficial skin burn or severe enough to harm tissues and organs.


Various other burn cases can also consist of a freeze burn, i.e., frostbite or friction burn, i.e., abrasive items rubbing against your skin.


Kinds of Compensation for Burn Injuries


Some victims are entitled to various kinds of compensation for their burn or fire injuries. These include:


Economic Damages

These kinds of damages have a hard money value associated with them and are comparatively easy to decide. Moreover, economic damages can include your past and future treatment prices, childcare, lost wages, or home care services, along with property damages.


Non-Economic Damages

Undoubtedly some burn injuries can have long-lasting consequences that are not easily commensurated. It may include experiencing emotional distress, pain, and suffering, loss of companionship, scarring or disfigurement, or an overall reduction in your quality of life.


Punitive Damages

If the negligent party acted intentionally or rashly, leading to severe damages, courts might grant victims punitive damages. Thus, the objective of punitive damages is to punish the defendant for dreadful conduct.


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